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Viktor Suszter was born and raised in the eastern part of Slovakia, in Kosice. Since his early days, he has felt a strong connection to typefaces. This connection still exists and is essential to him, without losing any interest in this subject. In 2003, he moved to Budapest, Hungary, where he transitioned from the world of print to the digital environment. He worked at a few Hungarian digital startups, namely Ustream and Prezi. He also worked for institutions such as the Hungarian Heritage House, Ericsson, the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, T-Mobile USA, Corvinus University Budapest, Ustream (IBM), Readers Digest, among others.

He advocates for clean, clever, and articulate design. His approach involves using typography to address hidden questions within content, supported by well-reasoned typography choices and a solid foundational idea rooted in a deep understanding of the problems. He strives to collaborate with his peers, focusing on creating a simple, logical, understandable, and easily recognizable hierarchy and typography.

Currently, he works as a freelance full-stack designer. He often begins projects as a brand designer and concludes them as a UX/UI designer and developer, exclusively using Webflow. Starting from September, he will also be teaching digital design at the Jaschik Álmos secondary art school.

He is the founder of DMN Designers Movie Nights, co-founder of the Eastern Dizajn Conference, Košice, and curator of Serifmag, a blog dedicated to Hungarian typographers and typography. At Metropolitan University Budapest, Hungary, he teaches Magazine Typography and Digital Design.

He has also been recognized with awards such as German Design (2019, 2015), ADC New York (2013, 2014), ISTD (2014), and Red Dot Design (2014).

Designers Movie Nights